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The Persephone Poems #3
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The Persephone Poems #3


The Persephone Poems

These are the love poems of Hades chronicling his relationship with Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. All the old stories seem to tell the tale from the perspective of the "wronged" parties, Persephone and Demeter.It is time to hear from Hades himself.This is his story.

Hades tells his tale in anacreontic poetry. The characteristic Anacreontic stanza consists of four lines, rhyming abab.Each line is comprised of three trochaic feet with one long syllable added at the end of each line: _U/ _U/ _U/ _.


windows into night-time rain
looking out on naught but cries
blackest hands serve only pain
blood red rose that lives and dies

bleak remembered rocks, steel sea
winds that sob and truths that lie
lust has turned to love for me
life eternal, yet I die

bells in mortal temples ring
calling you from my rough love
hollow men so tuneless sing
calling you to green above

my world blurs like scattered dreams
cold as moons and winter clouds
empty curses, useless screams
reach for you, clasp only shrouds

I am cursed to love you so
mighty god reduced to cry
I, immortal, brought so low
fellow gods, I die, I die

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