TNE (8-21-95 / Montana)

The Person I Am

I'm livin my life
but what life is that
I am two people
stuck in one body
I can be a hardcore rocker
then a smooth jammin girl
I can be real mean
but somtimes nice
I runaway from things
but look for trouble
I can show lots of love
but then you wouldnt want me
I am the person I am
but then I'm not
I love to hang out
then just want to be alone
I could have somthing on my mind
then would start thinking of you
I can like one thing
but hate it the next day
I could be this person
then change into another
I am myself nobody else
but all I know is

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Comments (2)

wow...i really love this poem i know how this is 2 personalities and just 1 body keep writing 10++++ loved it =)
Excellent job.. ' I runaway from things but then look for trouble'...I really like that line. You sounds a little bit like me..Keep writing. I think all of your poems are great. ~T! &R&