The Persophone Poems (#2)

These are the love poems of Hades chronicling his relationship with Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. All the old stories seem to tell the tale from the perspective of the "wronged" parties, Persephone and Demeter.It is time, therefore, to hear from Hades himself.This is his story.

Hades tells his tale in anacreontic poetry.The characteristic Anacreontic stanza consists of four lines, rhyming abab.Each line is comprised of three trochaic feet with one long syllable added at the end of each line: _U/ _U/ _U/ _. (four feet) .


I am wet, I swim again
dark, sweet waters - dreams of you -
savage rocks - a lover's pain -
there impaled, the thrusts are true

shall I dive despite advice
brothers warn me there is blood
lover's death comes more than twice
on the rocks and in the flood

water is my brother's world
treachery is what it brings
luring me with dreams unfurled
always though, the sirens sing

now I swim, embrace the stones
wine and music make me bold
surface, find myself alone
reckless now, too late to hold

you are gone away to play
mother's girl you break my heart
turn soft night to raucous day
skewer me on Cupid's dart

rocks are lovely, soft as wine
pain they bring is fleeting swift
leave that world, return to mine
come to me, bring back your gift

we shall dance all through the night
for you bring such music here
loving you shall bring me light
your warm hand makes death less drear

sing you sirens, urge me on
now we swim and now we kiss
rack me 'till the break of dawn
danger is the salt of bliss


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