The Perspective

I Packed my bag, walked all alone
In the deserted path, with salty tears,
My blood sodden feet, those prickly thorns
I felt a pain, I felt a blain
My alive, yet no so alive soul
Leaving behind all that was mine, yet alien
The people so close, yet not so close
Unheard tales, unsung songs
Unsolved mysteries, unfelt love
Unseen successes, unattained missions
I walked all alone in the deserted path
Feeling so much pain, feeling no gain

I packed my bag, walked not so alone
With nature my pal, in that pleasant path
My dry feet, those dew soaked flowers
My life was at toss, yet I felt no loss
My not so alive, yet alive soul
With the memories of all that was alien, yet mine
The people so far, yet not so far
Heard tales, sung songs
Solved mysteries, felt love
Seen successes, attained missions
I walked not so alone in the deserted path
Feeling no loss, I was my own boss

by Kavitha Krishnamurthy

Comments (1)

Excellent work, almost abstract - very beautiful and striking