The Philosopher

I am the philosopher of this style of poetry,
Muse, use, fuse, infuse, defuse, refuse, bemuse, ruse!
Along the line,
With my mind,
pages, sages, stages, passages, garages, rages, gages, ages, images, cages, wages;
To follow the route,
Foot, root, boot, moot, shoot, loot, coot, hoot, scoot, toot!
The philosopher,
The poet.

I am a different person!
And, fame means nothing to me;
I am a very private person and,
Fame doesn't mean anything to me;
But, very dynamic as far as poetry is concern.
I only enjoy the truth!
Of everything in life;
Truth, Ruth!
Serving mankind with the peace of my mind in the land of the living.

The attraction;
The luxury of life,
With a point in time.
Rent, different, pent, parent, sent, dent, tent, bent, Kent, went, lent, cent, gent, scent, vent!
With the way of showing loyalty to all mankind with the muse of my imagination;
But, i had a very humble upbringing in life.
The muse of life!
Growing up with memorable experiences;
With my mind,
And, to become a philosopher of this style of writing poems.

The muse of life and the muse of poetry!
I went through the street and i saw many things;
Growing up with the muse of my mind.
Cost, post, most, lost, ghost, host, frost!
In all ways;
And, to carry on that responsibility by serving all mankind with a different style.
The muse of life!
Very beautiful and peaceful with the muse of the laws;
Bringing peace and joy to all who are areally ready to uphold the teachings of the laws.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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A poetry proclaiming the personal experiences and truthful expressions beautifully narrated with so much wordpower and it is nice.