The Philosopher: In My Humble Opinion

In my humble opinion, this love thing's not that great!
True love makes you its minion, its bondslave date-by-date!
It seems to me, you compromise, yet love, itself, won't bend!
At times I've wondered, full of whys. The questions never end...
And yet I've fallen for its tricks, its whimsies on the way.
It's only when I'm 'knocked for six' with daydreams that I'll play.
But now I know its repertoire, its gambits and its rules,
I'll not join in its mad hoorah like billions of other fools!
I'd rather live with loneliness than play the game as is.
At least your heart's not in a mess tormented by true bliss!
Love is a drug, a fantasy, the best of all your hopes,
And yet no guard 'gainst misery when you're left on the ropes!
When crucified by day and night by all each sigh creates,
Then love will only watch you fight the fury of the Fates!
You'll see I'm right, you'll understand... Roulette is much more kind!
For love will lead you by the hand then let you lose your mind!
Seek not its treasures and rewards. Your soul should not be bought!
Love's the fakir, the king of frauds! Stay wise and don't get caught!
Walk past all beauty in your path - ignore all offers given!
Then you will have the final laugh on leaving Earth for Heaven...

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