The Philosophy Of Fear

Poem By Hades Pandemonium

The brightest nightmares
Darkest dreams,
Neverending haunting screams.
Breathless sighs
Soft steps behind
I know it's all just in my mind.

The whitest light
That used to shine,
It blinds me now,
It drags me down.

Surviving whispers,
They draw near.
A falling drop,
A bloody tear.

All's rendered useless,
Fears arise
A wolf that whimpers
In the night.
Perceived by dawn,
He hides beneath
A solitary cedar tree.

Comments about The Philosophy Of Fear

A wolf of fear is hidden in the solitary within the self of everyone......A definite 10 for this mature and very meaningful poem, a fearful mystry indeed. Best Wishes Naseer

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