The Philosophy Of Love

The wisest men who've ever lived divide this world in two
When they discuss God's greatest gift: the love that makes life new.
Some wise men simply fall in love with gusto, all the way!
Yet others say that's not enough and rules we must obey!
So while the world ignores life's rules and falls head over heels,
Some wise men will not love like fools, no matter how it feels!
They will not sing, they will not dance, they certainly won't flirt!
Poor dears! They never take a chance! That way, they won't get hurt!
Alas, they starve their whole lives long! Alone, no kisses found!
No cuddles felt to make them strong! By wisdom they've been bound!
Restrained, restricted, ruled by laws! No poetry declared!
No heart that waits love's open doors! No tears or laughter shared!
No soft caresses of her cheek... No touching of her lips...
No dream-girl that the heart would seek... No tapping fingertips...
If I'm a fool for loving love, then that's the way I'll be...
I'll imitate the cooing dove in hopes that you'd love me!
I'd sacrifice the loneliness, the wisdom some call peace,
In prayers for perfect happiness that some say cannot cease!
I know true love fulfills God's plans! Love thrills us to the core!
Yes, blessed is he who understands God's wisdom called 'AMOUR'...

Denis Martindale October 2003.

by Denis Martindale

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