SE (July 19,1991 / Calgary AB)

The Phone

As the phone slowly beeped,
I was feeling really deep,
tears started to fall,
I just wanted the beeping to stall,
cause I knew again I wouldn't hear you breath,
I hate that when I have to leave,
I love to hear you on the phone,
but I hate to leave you on your own,
sleeping soundly to our breathing,
for you I want to be your sheating,
I love the sound of your voice,
I can't wait to be rejoiced,
at we've got the phone,
and that we're not fully on our own,
can't wait to be back with you,
I know you can't wait too,
their will finally be no more phone,
and we'll be together not alone,
but luckily we have the phone,
cause also look at whats been showen,
and look at how we've we grown.

April 22,2009

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: D sounds jush like loooove: D good portrayal, *the last line says look at how we've we grown*