DW (January 8th,1966 / )

The Phone Stops Ringing

Dial the number
on this faded matchbook cover
Wondering what to say
as I hear the first of several rings
It aint no secret
there is a past between you and me

It's beginning to rain
might turn out to be one of those days
Funny how each drop
reminds me of tears once shed
That long ago day
just like the way this one seems to be heading

Must have been out of my mind
my hands must have believed
My head and my heart
would pull it together and understand
How could I explain to you
what I never should have said

I hang up the telephone
toss that faded matchbook cover away
Step out into the pouring rain
thinking I should just let you be
I can learn to live with the pain
even hide it away
What we shared
is better left in the past

She reaches for the telephone
wonders if it's him
What will he say
will he give her the chance
to forgive and let him back
And her heart skips a beat
knowing that without a doubt
If it's him
he still holds the love in her heart
yet the phone stops ringing....

by Daniel Wittfoth

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Comments (2)

it sounds like a tragic love story once read about.. what ever happened to happy endings I wonder
sounds like a tragic love story I once read about