The Photograph

Celluloid memories
Those that exist on paper
Warmth and love that feels so far away
Wondrous affairs that exist in the most perfect dream
Best friends, smiles, laughter, peace,
If only for a fleeting moment
They were real…

by Stella Elizabeth

Comments (2)

What can i say i like it. It said so much with so few words, but then, you might add to it, if you felt so inclined. I liked where it went, but like I said, I could have read more, it made me hungry for more... Theodora Onken
Maybe you could continue this poem, Stella? There's so much to say about photos as Joyce says - the real bits and the lost bits, the real emotions and the fake, who's behind the camera, what's on the photo and what's not, would we really be happier without them, etc.? how about it?