The Photograph That Captured Love

I skim that photograph, analyzing every curve on your face,
Thinking back to that unforgettable time, in that magical place.
Even though that place has now withered and died,
We still stand strong by each others side.
Because back then we both promised, we will always be together,
And that our love will last for always and forever.

i'll never forget the way you looked at me on that enchanting night,
And the way you held my body close to yours, oh so very tight.
Now many years have past, since that magical day,
But you still look at me in that same loving way.
I notice your eyes still sparkle, your kiss still tastes of wine.
As i study that photograph, every curve and every line.

by nicola burkett

Comments (3)

Captured love a moment frozen in ones memory. Remember a time...... Very nice Nicola Patricia
A precious moment to look upon the past and the present.As they meet, you have looked on with such loving eyes.this is wonderful but a touch sad maybe as well.Love Duncan
Photos have a way of freezing time... nice poem! Brian