Holy Sonnet Xvi: Father

Father, part of his double interest
Unto thy kingdome, thy Sonne gives to mee,
His joynture in the knottie Trinitie
Hee keepes, and gives to me his deaths conquest.
This Lambe, whose death, with life the world hath blest,
Was from the worlds beginning slaine, and he
Hath made two Wills, which with the Legacie
Of his and thy kingdome, doe thy Sonnes invest.
Yet such are thy laws, that men argue yet
Whether a man those statutes can fulfill;
None doth; but all-healing grace and spirit
Revive againe what law and letter kill.
Thy lawes abridgement, and thy last command
Is all but love; Oh let this last Will stand!

by John Donne

Comments (3)

Captured love a moment frozen in ones memory. Remember a time...... Very nice Nicola Patricia
A precious moment to look upon the past and the present.As they meet, you have looked on with such loving eyes.this is wonderful but a touch sad maybe as well.Love Duncan
Photos have a way of freezing time... nice poem! Brian