Be My Vixen

A sensual sight for sour eyes
Scratching my back out of her eyes she cried
With my camera on the dresser
My bed was her stage
She got the spotlight all night
Kicking and screaming on the wall
So the neighbors knew my name
She sweat I sweat
While I'm making this movie
She says “I’m so wet”
She said she likes it nice and slow
But that starts the show
Faster and harder, she’s about to blow
She said she wanna get on top
Put her hands in the air n go
“Yee Haa”
She put it in reverse cowgirl
She love to be seduced
Not corrupted
So I said was up wit
A little play date
I’m not saying being my main mate
Our future was booty
All I saw in her future
Was getting in ma movie
At the end of the day
She will get the spotlight
All night
Each and every time we play

by Donte Trezevant

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