! The Physician

Who takes the time to understand
Depression and its woes,
The fears and insecurities
A dying patient knows;

Who's there to lend a gentle touch
And give a word of cheer,
To smile and comfort those in pain
With words they need to hear;

Who shares the tears of happiness
With parents at the birth
Of babies they have dreamed about
With mystery and mirth;

Who patches up the wounded,
The dying and the lame,
And sometimes works a miracle
As though it were a game;

Who makes the time, no matter what
When time just won't allow,
To take an extra minute
And turn later into now;

Who misses meals and family
In order to appear
When nature needs a healer
Or the end is drawing near;

Who consoles the living
The dying leave behind,
When words won't come so easily
To bring them peace of mind;

Who sacrifices everything
The 'normal' man enjoys -
An evening with the family
Or a night out with the boys;

A man who chose to dedicate
His life to serving others,
A man who seeks to understand
The suffering of his brothers -
Through courage and devotion
To life, to death and birth.....................
God gave us the physician
To protect his souls on earth.


*This was written in the 70's as a tribute to a wonderful physician (and my boss for many years) . For those female physicians, it also applies to you!

by Linda Ori

Comments (3)

As far as skill is concerned....There are no better qualified & advanced-tech Physicians & Surgeons than in New York City Med Centers...aside from the Mayo Clinic, in Minn. & The Cleveland Clinic in, well, Clev. Ohio! But when it comes to bedside manner, there are no manners at all....All biz, from incision to payable upon services rendered...Sounds like Utah is where N.Y. MD's shouls spend a couple weeks leasrning P.P.S.101(Physician People Skills 101) ...Nice Write, Midnight! FjR
hi linda done us docs proud there.....kind of you of course im going to give you a big hand and dance away the webpage ; -) really well written ten an cheers
yeah Doctors and Physicians are saviours indeed.....ma'am my friend Sathyanarayna has written a satire on the medical institutions....... those things he says do happen too..when mercenary purposes take over...but a true physician is angel indeed... cheers to every physician 10++