(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

The Picture In My Hand

As I walk down the aisle
I start to think for a while
Holding my Daddy so tight
Hoping what I'm doing is right

Seeing tears run down his eyes
As if for good I'm saying good-bye
I want to tell him it'll be okay
I feel he's not ready to give me away

I think of all the good times we have had
In weekend's mornings' meadow's ride
For twenty-three years, I was Dad's lil' girl
Having these flashbacks of when I was eight

Wiping the tears falling from his eyes
A father-daughter ceremonial walk rites
His weary, cold kiss planted on my face
Reflection of a father lost in a maze

Giving me away was the hardest part
Daddy, you will always remain in my heart
It's not for good, this is not goodbye
Just on my way to learn life by and by

Many years have already passed
You are now with angels in heaven above
Looking at the picture in my hand...
It was you, Dad, who waved me goodbye

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