The Pig

Of children who are poorer than a church rat,
Praise is beautiful but who will help them?
You have been bought like a prositute and,
You have to learn like an institute;
For all that you eat is pork-fried-rice.
Man is handsome and woman is beautiful,
But the pig is unclean to you;
And think of what you put in your body.

Of the nineteen worms found in swine (the pig):
Like the movement of Hellenism on the dangers of life.

Merciful, compassion, slow to anger;
Woman is beautiful and man is handsome,
But do think of what you put in your body.
The pig is unclean and it is always on your table,
For it is the cheapest meat in the market today!

Africa is starving and Middle east id dying,
America is under water and Europe is burning,
What about Australia with Tasmania?
The whole is in trouble and the pig is the best meat,
But one day we will all come to learn from the truth.

On behalf of you all,
The works of iniquity is like the very wars around us;
But in my pains who will care for me?
Out of envy and strife with one another,
But do we really care about what we eat?
Out of love and care to the people around you,
And in my chains, have you heard of Asia today?
This brittle body and the pig,
But man is handsome and woman is beautiful.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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