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The pigeons listen to us converse.
(1953 / Viareggio)

The pigeons listen to us converse.

Poem By Roberto Amato

The pigeons listen to us converse.
We talk about things that are almost impossible:
the open-air theatre of Terpsichore
the sated man who is nonetheless a model of virtue
the trilogy of Parmenides (who was not a philosopher
but a Byzantine topographer).

Pigeons are highly intelligent notwithstanding their tiny heads
which wobble.
At a certain point they block our path
and start to question us subtly.
they're right: Terpsichore had to do with dance
and the sated man didn't actually have celestial revelations.
Parmenides divided the world into three slightly unequal parts.

(and it marked the beginning of disaster).

Translation: Matilda Colarossi

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