The Pilgrim's Thanksgiving Prayer

Father, as we bow before Thee,
please hear us as we pray.
We ask Thee for thy blessing
on this thanksgiving day.

We thank Thee for daily bread;
for this table before us spread;
For family and friends who gather here,
we ask Thee to be very near.

We thank Thee for the sun and rain,
and for this harvest of golden grain;
For strength to till Thy fertile land,
for mighty trees, like sentinels stand.

We have wonderous visions, Father,
builder of all creation,
Of a land that stretches far beyond,
Help us build a mighty nation.

May we ever look to Thee, Father,
as our Ruler in every way,
And may we ever keep in our hearts,
the spirit of this thanksgiving day.

by Anna "Maxine" Holt Leak

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