Life Must Be Lived


Those who live life with smile
Despite indifference of loved ones

Are like deep sea maintainingcalm
Despite amidst tempest and storms

Their message to all is; who is there
In life totally immune to adversities

Realisation of this reality will make you
Realise; life is not bed of roses for anybody

Time is great healer and judge
Day and night, seasonal changes

All point to one fact, change is life
Change is permanent else transient

If you want to be happy live in today
If today is taken care; rest will take care of itself

However pleasant your past be; never live in past
Never allow your past to dominant your present

God has made all creatures in pairs
Live with loved ones, in the present

The trees planted and nurtured in dreams
Can never provide shelter from the scorching sun

That is reality, past can be an inspiration to live
But can never be a support in life to face life

As human we all need human touch and care
Of loved ones for being wanted and desired

- -By mamutty chola

by mamutty CHOLA

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