The Pining Poet's Plea...

The girl I love has eyes of blue
That twinkle when they look at you!
Her cheeks are pink unless they blush -
And when she does, she's all a hush!
Her teeth are white, two perfect rows,
And every one just glows and glows!
Her hair outshines the finest gold!
Yes, she's a glory to behold!
I know not if she comprehends
That I would wish us more than friends...
Yet Love takes time to weave its spell -
If not, it sighs... and says farewell.
Where hearts are open, Love persists
And poetry it oft enlists...
With 'incantations' to inspire
So every heart can taste desire!
Then from the yearnings borne within,
Springs forth true courage, 'Don't give in! '
And so I bide my time like Love
With sighing prayers that soar above
To linger round God's Throne of Grace
Like flying photos of her face...
I hope God's on my side in this
And that at last this girl I kiss!
If not, I'll sulk, I know I will...
I'll pine for her until I'm ill...
I'll sigh all day, I'll sigh all night -
I think I'll sigh with all my might!
If I'm not healed, I'll pine and pine...
With thoughts of her... my Valentine...

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