'The Place' Of Dreams

this is another part of my senior year final project...

This Place

There is a place

This place is amazing and beautiful

So beautiful in fact, that you can become infatuated

Loving every moment

Cherishing every detail

And always cautious and careful

But not too careful

Exploring and inquiring about this place

Questioning as to how it was created, and all of its details

So amazingly astonishing and beautiful

Entranced by every moment

I'm just so marvelously infatuated

Keeping my mind busy and yet still so infatuated

Trying to stay focused and not loose it, I have to be careful

Lost and found at the same time in every moment

keeping busy and investigating this whole place

Everything is so lovely and elegant, simply beautiful

Right down to the final, smallest detail

Nothing is the same or repeated, a multitude of detail

So astounding it's keeping my attention, now totally infatuated

Imagining everything one's ever wanted and more, its beautiful

So beautious i dont want to mess it up, I'm careful

Keeping, reserving and restoring this place

I cant believe such a place exists! Dumbfounded by every moment

I fear that i will be leaving every moment

that i will not be able to explore all detail

that i will have to leave this place

not being infatuated

yet still being careful

not wanting to leave, this place is beautiful

and now i realize its too beautiful

every moment

trying to be careful

i dont want to leave the immaculate detail

i know now that im not infatuated

because the only way i can find this place is in my dreams, it only exitst in my mind, this place

this beautiful place is only in my head

the one in which i was infatuated with every moment

and now i realize i was only dreaming the detail and i fear i was too cautious and careful.

by Hallie Cyran

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