Twas Not For Fools

Twas not the nails that held Christ there
Upon the dreadful tree
But through the love He had to share
For you my friend and me

Twas not for saints, nor righteous man
Christ Jesus came to die
But for the lost for humble man
For such as you and I

Twas not for sloth, nor quick in pace
God’s Son came down to save
But who endure through life’s long race
Will live to see no grave

Twas not the wise, who think to know
Nor those for gain who preach
Who play at church who cease to flow
Salvation’s hand will reach

Twas not for liars fools who talk
Nor those who live to sin
But those who’ll change who’ll seek to walk
Who bid God’s Son within

Twas not the cheat, who speaks so good
Who’s heart remains unclean
But those who live the way they should
The King will choose as queen

Twas God who’s ways are ever true
Who’s Lamb in Christ was sent
Who’ll share His life with me and you
If we would just repent!

Twas grace displayed upon the cross
Selfless obedient love
That man no more should suffer loss
But reign in truth above

by Michael P. Johnson

Comments (12)

Reciprocated way too late Watched your eyes fade into the grave But now I know because in your loss I found what you tried to teach me Pain of a late understanding of love has been nicely painted, a touching poem..............10
This is a beautiful poem Sad and regretful but so lovely to enjoy reading. Beautifully written and a joy to read
my mind understands what love is a beautiful touching poem full of emotion
I love the deep intense emotion within. The lack of ability to truly let the feeling of love in while there and when it ends you realize what you had and have lost in the worst of ways. Great piece.
A very poignant write where the love was felt and reciprocated but alas, that was too late. The regret was expressed even but none is to know and respond.
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