BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

The Place Where I Am

The velvet cover of night
slides across the sky.
My phone rings
and time slows to a crawl.

Her voice stirs my spirit
and lifts my heart.
She has a way about her
that makes me want hold her.

We talk about everything and nothing
and it makes my night.
She is my light and dark,
she is my heart and soul.

Daylight stains the sky
as sleep fades from my mind.
Though dreams of her were stolen,
she remains.

I roll over and text her
hoping to make her morning.
I go to class and think
I hope she is having a great day.

The place where I am
is exactly where I want to be.
My life is on track,
with her as my guiding star.

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Comments (2)

Time slowly crawls and you hear the ringing of phone. Her voice of spirit lifts your heart. Across the sky velvet coloured veil of night covers. A great imagery is drawn in this excellently penned poem. We talk nothing but we talk about everything. This gives interesting effect to a reader. There is hope of great day which you think going into classes. An excellent poem is very well penned....10
Great write Brian! Well crafted...I liked the line 'Daylight stains the sky as sleep fades from my mind.' Ten! -Michael