'' The Plagiarist Doesn't Care ''

Do take proper notes,
When an idea appears,
Or the pirate will gloat,
Leaving you in tears.

The masters of deceit,
Don't deserve our attention,
But because they cheat,
They require a mention.

Though we're all unique,
We think much the same,
Be you strong or weak,
We all dream of fame.

There are those who'll steal,
The words you have written,
Then try to conceal,
It's you they have bitten.

They then make the assertion,
Yes, this work is mine,
They'll create a diversion,
Making out they're divine.

Why write your own,
Let others use their skill,
Then let it be known,
It came from their quill.

They're in all shapes and sizes,
Both female and male,
They wear many disguises,
Some you'll never curtail,

Though copyright protects,
For delusion, they've a flair.
Though it's you it affects,

‘' The Plagiarist Doesn't Care ‘'

by Bri Mar

Comments (1)

A very insightful write well executed. Yes, we should be unique in everything. A great piece and rhyme.10