BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

The Plagues On Egypt

When God spoke to Moses about Egypt He made it clear from the start,
To show His Power and Glory He was going to harden Pharaoh's heart.

When Aaron's staff became a snake Pharaoh turned to his magic art,
Because he relied upon sorcerers God began to harden his very heart.

And when God plagued Egypt with blood and frogs throughout the land,
Pharaoh saw relief and he refused to acknowledge God's Uplifted Hand.

Even when God turned the dust into gnats causing the magicians dread,
And pointed to The Finger of God; Pharaoh was unmoved like God said.

Next He plagued Egypt with flies in all the houses and on the ground,
But to make God's people distinct in Goshen not a fly could be found.

God then struck and killed all of Egypt's livestock out in the field,
And even though none died in Goshen, Pharaoh still would not yield.

When the soot in the air turned into fine powder throughout the land,
The magicians broke out with boils and before Moses could not stand.

With hail God struck down all that was in the field that had breath,
And He followed with a plague of locusts to devour all that was left.

Since Pharaoh refused to obey due to his heart's increasing hardness,
God gave light to His people and covered Egypt in complete darkness.

God finally struck down all the firstborn of Egypt by Uplifted Hand,
This caused Pharaoh to expel the Israelites out of his wicked land.

by Bob Gotti

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