The Plain And Simple Man

I am a plain and simple man.
I'll tell you simply, if I can,
And tell you plainly so you'll know
How the plain and simple go.

With just a little, I am pleased;
My itch is scratched; my yearning's eased.
So going shopping's not a chore;
I am not always wanting more.

I am a plain and simple man,
A nail, not screw, not charlatan.
I'm like a cloudless summer day
Above the fields of endless hay.

A burger, not a steak, is fine;
My path is straight, not serpentine.
I'm plain vanilla, tennis shoes -
Not much to gain, not much to lose.

I am a plain and simple man;
I've said as simply as I can.
I've naught to seek and naught to hide
Since I'm a man who's satisfied.

by Dennis Lange

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