Sleep Well My Dear Kira 2

Goodnight and sleep well my dear sweet Kira.
I've been very restlessly sleeping
and woke up finally so I wanted to tell you
I love you so very much.
I'll be holding you tight through the night
as I'm sending you all of my love and warmth.
I seal this extremely painful day
of longing need by giving you deep loving
kisses and hugs of true love.
Then taking your hands placing them
upon my heart so you can feel how it beats for you,
looking you in the eyes and saying Kira Petranovich
I so deeply to my very core love you so much.
I'd rather die than be without you in my life.

Goodnight and sleep well my dear Angel Kira,
I'll be seeing you in the land of dreams.
I just want to wrap you up in my arms
as we wrap up together under a blanket
on top of another under our tree.
I just want to hold you and kiss you
being with the woman I so deeply love.
I'm hurting so deeply and that's what I need,
it's what both of us need for true peace.
Come and meet me in the land of dreams.

Goodnight and sleep well Kira my only one,
just know that I love you so very much.
I miss you so deeply and have actually
been crying in my restless depressed sleep.
I hope soon enough fatigue will help
give me deep sleep in full,
oh my dear God how I've prayed to have you here,
my Angel and peaceful love so wonderful
I need you here so we can take care of each other.
Sleep well my dear Kira I'll be praying and dreaming of you,
I love you so much feel my arms wrapped
so tightly around you my sweet Angel dove.

by Michael P. McParland

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Have loved this poem from the time I was in school.
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Wonderful! Couldn't stop laughing!
the poet was very nice that it was about a camel which was saying about it ALLOVER IT WAS AWESOME
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