The Playground

There are maybe*
*Five playgrounds*
*In life we visit*

The first is at home
And sometimes
If we're lucky

We'll always miss it

The second at preschool
Where we play
Find new friends
And sit on small stools

The third middle school
Where we learn
Encountering newer experiences

Whilst trying to obey
A curriculum filled with
Old rules

The fourth is high school
Where we sometimes find
First love
With new found urges

Perhaps even
Pretending to be cool

The fifth
Is simply freedom

Beyond all foolish perceived
Motions of rules

The persistent need
To be one of the crowd
And to be seen
As cool

But instead
To sail
The lone captain
Of your own
Worldly ship

Sailing straight into the
Blustery ever changing winds
And rough
Blue Emotional Seas

Encountering laughter
Hopes and dreams

*You still sail on*

Looking for a similar ship
A friendly captain
To share a brief respite

A jaunt

Clasped together
Under dark skies
Watching stars filled nights

Are you still sailing

Does your cabin
Need a new captain
First Mate

Before you
Clock into
Heavens Great Gate

Are you willing to drop
Your anchor
To finally find all your intriguing

Only you can define
Your last playground

Or have you chosen
To just keep sailing

To finally find
The One

The lies and
Perceived notions of trust

But a keeper
To sail together
Safe and sound

And if your lucky
You may have already
Settled down

Copyright John Duffy 2018

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by John Duffy

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