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The Plea Of Lot's Wife
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Plea Of Lot's Wife

Having said all that before...

you know I cannot leave as I
am a slave to you... dark rooms
and stale drinks and nuts just
metaphores for the situation
we find ourselves in...

it is equally hopeless, don't you see?
I am salt and light, which is why
you love me...
the salt under your tongue,
the light in your dark mind...

but tonight I am the pillar of salt,
not going anywhere,
not going near the light which will
release me from this double life
of stark pillar and flowing heart...

the heart which is dying of thirst
for real love,
committed love and
absolute abandonment to light...
to me...
come into the light with me,
I beg of you

Let us go to the Promised Land.

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