The Plea Of Sodom And Gomorrah

Forgive me father for i have sinned
I have not sought your face or kept your commandments
I have adopted the attitude of a lion
and sprouted the head of a bull
my lips lack the lustre of justice
and the sweetness of truth
I have known the taste of human flesh
and drunk my fill from hollowed heads
Feet and mind in perfect harmony
sowing destruction.
Many lives i have stolen
with a kiss, a warm embrace
yes i know, my mere existence is an ode to evil
a testimony of darkness
but you blessed me not with eyes to see you
neither the honour to welcome you
therefore, i beseech you merciful Lord,
turn your eye from me
when the yellow child shares it's happiness with the earth
seek me then, when the night sun wakes from it's slumber
and the jewels of heaven come out to play
for then evil blends with darkness
and that little light of mine shines, bright,
though my good deeds may be to you
like filthy rags
judge me not so harshly
for i know not how to be a son of Terah

by kiki ukegbu

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this is quite good.keep it up