The Great Nation Proud Culture

We proud of our nation and our culture
we proud we have great history
we have gifted with great knowledge
we had great leaders
And proud with great Budha
and his sacrifice
The great Gandhi
A gifting, shared as a broken heart

The great old leaders
Each carrying one with our heart of heart

And wings in perfect harmony of music
and great musicians
Untouched and beautiful.
Lifts from the soul heavenly

Bhagat Sing
Feather fans of sacrifice

When we visit Rajghat in respectful ritual.

we flies to an ending now?
Miss to the lights to a darken age

A prayer for the light to shine to us

by Thampi KEE

Comments (3)

fantastic written. i love it, thasnks
This short piece describes how beautifully perfect it is when spending the day with a beloved friend.
In 4 lines we have a description of friendship that reeks of truth