The Pledge

When I draw sweetness from your vinous lips,
And in absorption; allowing my deep and dizzy
Thoughts to wander, following your starry gaze,
Dreamlike over your bejewelled eyes, and further
Down the path of the landscapes of your features,
Tracing the marvellous and alabaster texture
Of your cheeks, again upwards-towards the twilight
Of your brow, blossoming spiritually towards me.
As I touch Divinity; my soul deeply gazes through
Your heart's shimmering gate into your chaste
Spirit, Where dreams become wonders and senses
Sublime. For each night I have dreamt of the
Chalice of your mouth; sustaining me with Life
Giving substance. But to know and to draw enchanted
Inspiration from your lips; and to gaze adoringly into
Your gaze, is like touching Love's "IMMORTALITY", for
Sensing the Majestic presence of your spirit is knowing
"Eternity" at a touch. And entering into your Love's
Haven is as if into a paradisal palace, as I do I find
Fulfilment, and my every daring expectation comes true. . .

by Eftalon Harman

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