Everything The Same Way

I do everything the same way,
each and every single day,
I sit around,
always feeling down,
I need a change,
my life needs to be rearanged,
everytime I watch televison,
I can't see stright,
I think its my vison,
everyone had at lest one friend,
that they had from beggining to end,
its sad to think that I'm always alone,
and that no one calls me on the phone,
it makes me feel so sad,
that soon I won't have a dad,
I love him with all my heart,
I'm scared when hes gone I'll fall apart,
I know this is life,
but I hate it so much I want to grab a knife,
and no ones around to help me with my strife,
thats one reason I really hate my life.

March 22/ 2006

by Samarah Essler

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