The Plight Of Women


Dusk and dust!
The taste of a pause in the second
Everything awaiting your next breath
News to change the world
Hiroshima-Nagasaki dying tomorrow
Hitler didn't sleep last night
The world as you know it sucking-up in a black-hole!
Stuck in a nightmare, worst fears thundering towards you at the speed of light
Too late to pray for a miracle
Deep in the darkness still
Out there, the father of my children is!


Staring faces
Same figure two faces
Singing loudly, broken voices
Playing children, smoking aces
Smashing into a cross-road, stops the clock not!
Mother Theresa singing
The Queen dancing
Unknown future laid down by past
Craving to stuff the scent of a rose in a nostril
Relentless struggle for a snippet eye into the mind of God
Long days-long nights, most anticipated moment is the disaster that changes everything
How things turn out, a decision not yours to make
Knowing yet, you are blessed by God!


Ride on the MAGLEV
Meet the President
Cross the street
Play the piano
Ask for directions
Fly to the moon
Plough the field
See the doctor
Child crying loud mama, a comfort thawing Alaska ice
The stress of being the hero of time
Moments random, alone, none leaves you!


The cock-crawl announcement
The freshness of morning air
Sunlight squeezing between leaves
Noises of a town alive in a distance
Awakening to a new phase
Misery no longer painting her walls
A new dawn, a new hope
Perspective, the other side of the same car!

by Effraim Munsaka

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Very nice poem