The Plough Of Time

Night closed my windows and
The sky became a crystal house
The crystal windows glowed
The moon
shown through them
through the whole house of crystal
A single star beamed down
its crystal cable
and drew a plough through the earth
unearthing bodies clasped together
couples embracing
around the earth
They clung together everywhere
emitting small cries
that did not reach the stars
The crystal earth turned
and the bodies with it
And the sky did not turn
nor the stars with it
The stars remained fixed
each with its crystal cable
beamed to earth
each attached to the immense plough
furrowing our lives

by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Comments (6)

Clever use of imagery. Enjoyed the flow and concept. Thanks for sharing.
A great wiring about nature.Likes
House of crystal! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Lawrence, such a great write....congrats for being picked... a huge 10+++
Nice poem, I liked the words. Invest in curtains
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