The Plow Drags On

the night drags a plow
turning over sunlight
babies howl for breast
thirsty in the midnight
the morning nears
the plow drags on

birds of morning sing
mournful song weeps
breakfast awaits
for those who sleep
as for those who died
the plow drags on

they will pass
meet their maker
love ones will beckon
angelic undertakers
taking away respectfully
the plow drags on

angels sing rejoice-fully
anticipating the final act
curtain drawn openly
advocate recites in tact
scripture read soft aloud
the plow drags on

pallbearer's carry
bed of final rest
into the holy garden
feet facing west
heads bow in final prayer
the plow drags on

six men lower
soul to earths bed
one fathom deep
last verse said
shoveled earth falls
the plow drags on

back in a house
calm chatter is heard
speaking of life
and death so absurd
alone finally, naturally
the plow drags on

by John Zeller

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