The Plundered Planet Earth

The plundered planet Earth still spins
Around the sun each year,
Both witnesses of all Man's sins,
They know the costs are dear...
The nights can't hide the constant shame,
Of what Mankind has done,
That's why Mankind must bear the blame,
For evils, one-by-one...

The stars still twinkle in the sky
Beyond our silver moon,
Made by the God that men defy,
Across the heavens strewn...
If they could speak, what tales they'd tell,
They'd scream and shout, 'Repent! '
They'd preach of Heaven and of Hell
And Christ whom God has sent...

The plundered planet Earth spins on,
This world on which Christ walked,
This world on which God's light has shone,
This world on which Christ talked...
When Christ returns, what will He say
Of how this world has fared?
If not for faith and hope to pray,
His soul would have despaired...

Yet Jesus knew the path ahead,
The savage rule of Man,
The selfish fool so vainly led
By Lucifer's old plan...
The world itself is more than soil,
Much more than land and sea,
Its battlegrounds are in turmoil
Drenched by Man's cruelty...

The forests dwindle day-by-day,
The wildlife numbers fall,
The poachers steal their lives away,
In time to take them all...
The businessmen still plan their schemes,
The bankers grasp their share...
The Earth still spins despite their dreams,
Distraught, yet still in prayer...

Denis Martindale, copyright, April 2012.

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by Denis Martindale

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