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The Poem

There is a poem in a book
and every time I read it,
this poem just brings me to tears.
I have read it many times
during my growing years.
I have kept it from a child
so near to my heart.
Yet I canot read a line
without the tears begining to start.
The poem reads of a lady,
who was always good and kind;
her generosity was sunshine
the best you could ever find.
Her smile was like treasure
that glittered in the night.
Her eyes were like stars,
glowing in the moonlit night.
Her touch was like silk,
that was spun from the finest gold.
Her age had given her wisdom
with youthfullness untold.
My love for this poem,
has been my comfort over the years,
it has held me together
and banished all my fears.
The fears of being left fartherless
at a very young age.
When my mother had to turn
another lifetime page.
She held the family together
without no worries and fears,
that is why this certain poem
always brings me to tears.
It has a perfect description
of one, and there is no other.
Of this once great perfect woman,
who remains my beloved Mother.

(In memory of you my friend and Mother)

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Comments (4)

A beautiful tribute, Sylvia... your poem speaks volumes. Brian
Oh Sylvia, what a sweet daughter you are to have to make such a heartfelt dedication poem for your mother. The word flow meaningful smooth and the message gently reaching out to touch your reading audience with the warmness of your beating heart filled with your love. I must now Thank You for sharing your poetic talent with the world and for giving us all a little of you which is the best gift anyone could ever give. As I now close this comment I would only ask that you keep your pens ink flowing so your beautiful words of poetry keeps growing. Your Friend, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)
Nice write! Beautiful Sylvia! ! !
Wow sylvia this was a very beautiful heartfelt poem. My mother is my everthing..i can relate to this..warm regards.x