The Poem

Listen and I will tell you the poem that time has accepted!
For in the east a river there flows
And this river is new for life has just begun
It flows past another
Yet this one is as old as time and more
For it is the end and flows not as the other
But up a hill and off the land and forms the sea of time.
Now in the middle of these rivers there lies a court
And it is in this court that a balance rests
And with every new birth the balance tips as the new river flows
But with every new death it tips as the other goes
Out from these balances new life springs
An it is from these balances that death begins.
Around this court there lie ten knights
And surrounded in stone they are
They fight all who come
And win against every one
For these knights include Arthur
And they follow the law of the Round Table.
The weights of the balance are made of your life
The other is made of every death
But both just protect life
Not destroy it
And both are enchanted with the magic of all.
If just open tips to death or to life
It will end all hope and cause
Too much strife.
The legend I tell you is just truth and not lies
And if you seek the prize then Arthur and his knights
Will not heed your cries but if you seek it not for yourself
Then they ill help you and give it to you.

by Gary Graham

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