The 'Poem A Day' Project - Day 07

Time is relative its often said
Depending on what's in your head
If you are anxious seconds will drag
Slowly time will stall and lag

But when your life is full of fun
It's all too soon the day is done
That’s why you must embrace the joy
Play with it like your favourite toy

Every smile you must savour
Enjoy each view and sound and flavour
Don’t spend a second dwelling on
Your problems or what has gone wrong

Don’t stress about what you can't change
Or people’s thoughts that seem so strange
Just keep on smiling through it all
And happiness will start to call

If you sweep the darkness from your mind
A deeper peace you will soon find
And if you smile when all seems so bleak
You will, like me, get through the week

by Flying Lemming

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I've read your rules and your first week you well intentioned poetry freak now your just aswimming as a fish in a school keep on crafting those well honed tools...