The 'Poem A Day' Project - Day 08

A week’s gone past and now I sit
And wonder if this is it
I didn’t think I’d reach this stage
That my mind had dulled with age
Or lack of use, or lack of smarts
Could not contribute to the arts
But somehow I staggered through
With a dodgy rhyme or two
And randomly a group of ducks
It’s sometimes weird what my mind plucks
Out of the air when it does wander
But now I’m left to gently ponder
Do I stop now or see how long
I can continue carrying on
I must admit its still a task
To wake my brain and then to ask
If it can send out another verse
Though it is a little perverse
To force creativity day by day
Just to check its not gone away
But I believe I will keep going
Though I’ve no way of really knowing
If anyone is even reading this
And it doesn’t matter if no one is
Sometimes its good to test yourself
For even if you lack great wealth
Or power or glory I still find
Its good to know what’s in your mind

by Flying Lemming

Comments (1)

I love this! I love your rhyming style and let me tell you honey wait until your my age and you'll really understand this poem. Keep writing, ya got talent, my friend! hugs, Marilyn