The 'Poem A Day' Project - Day 10

10 is a nice round figure, well half of it is the rest is straight
And now I find with some vigour, that I’m set again to face my fate
I will just keep on supplying, verse after verse after verse
Although there is no denying, that they just could keep getting worse
There is a very real danger, that I will run dry of ideas
And poetry will seem like a stranger, who I haven’t seen in years
But I will just persevere, and fire more lines every day
For in them there might just appear, something special in some kind of way
A phrase or word or line, that I could take and expand
An interesting arrangement of rhyme, that I will just keep to hand
So carrying on’s what I’ll do, trying to make the words fit
As with carpet bombing its true, sometimes you will get a direct hit

by Flying Lemming

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