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The 'Poem A Day' Project ~ Day 101
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The 'Poem A Day' Project ~ Day 101

Poem By Flying Lemming

So past the 100 mark I’ve gone
Maybe on for far too long?
I took a moment to reread my lot
Surprised at just how far I’d got

In just three months I’ve brought out of my mind
15,000 words of verse, which all rhymed
Over two and half thousand lines I’ve typed out
A variety of subjects I’ve typed about
Some seem to make repeat appearances
Animals keep showing with their experiences
Through four poems birds have flown
And the pigeon, rightly, had one of his own
Spiders are in three, cats in four
And dogs had four plus three more

Some poems have been serious, some have been sad
Some wrote while I’m laughing, others while I’m mad
Some hint at being deep, but mostly they are light
I know I didn’t always hit the spot just right
But I kept my mind moving, and if you think me dumb
Fact is I said 'thought' 37 times and only once said 'bum'

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Let me congratulate you to the beat of a drum.... I joined in halfway and they read as a mighty find sum... you have caged that menagerie proper.... and allowed us viewers a jolly good look at what flies for you in your zoolander mixture of composed reality and imagination...