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The 'Poem A Day' Project ~ Day 108
( / England)

The 'Poem A Day' Project ~ Day 108

Poem By Flying Lemming

While out walking on Tuesday
An object was blocking my way
It was metal and large and wide
Then a door opened on one side
A short man with large green beard
And bright purple suit appeared
Inviting me aboard his ship
To go on an amazing trip

The ship made a humming sound
And began to lift off the ground
Then flew at speed through the clouds
Past the feathery flapping crowds
Over the ocean it took a dive
To see the sea fresh and alive
Zipping by the whales and fishes
We munched on our cheese sandwiches

Back in the air we flew for hours
The craft showing its super powers
As it grew late, to tired to roam
I asked the man to take me home
The little man waved and flew away
My head still spinning from my odd day
Ok … that’s not true, it was a sham
We didn’t eat cheese, it was pickle and ham

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