The 'Poem A Day' Project - Day 11

The distance between people can often be something that is very hard to define
Its not only miles that get in the way but sometimes its thoughts and time
Sometimes the person who’s in the same room can feel like they’re worlds away
While those who live in some far away land can connect without delay
There are those who you love even though you’ve not met
There are neighbours you never speak to
There are those that seem to know you so well
Even if your encounters are few
Anyone can be another friend if that’s what you try to be
Accept all and judge none and try to work out what it is that they see
Dismiss anybody and you will find that you will be dismissed
You wont get everyone to change their minds no matter how much you insist
But if you let change enter your life and prepare to bend just a little way
You will find that this massive cold world will get smaller and warmer each day

by Flying Lemming

Comments (2)

Very true...I love this poem and the fact you wrote it :) I cant add anything cause you all said with your words...Great to have close friends, close with the minds not miles :)
Your project has produced a fine piece of introspective reflection. Well written. Rgds, Ivan