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The 'Poem A Day' Project ~ Day 211

Never had a penny from the government
Though I’ve paid loads all my life
I’ve always been self-reliant
Got myself through every strife
Well of course the bins get emptied
And road sweepers keep all neat
And the police patrol now and then
So I feel safe on the street

But nothing I get handed
My taxes just get drained
And not one penny do I get back
As I just explained
It’s true I see the doctor
And I get my teeth done free
And my eyes are regularly tested
So I can clearly see

And my bus-pass is quite useful
Now they’ve built a lot more stops
And the roads are tarmaced smoothly
For my trip down to the shops
It’s appalling I get overlooked
My payments are all on track
But apart from the doctors, police, transport, cleaners, opticians, dentists, social workers and a feeling of safety and good health
I get absolutely nothing back!

by Flying Lemming

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