The Poem From Hinterland

New era is on the way
From darkness to lightness
Darkness is sweeping out of arena
Many years have gone.

Light has lighten the future
Darkness is still on powerstones
If powerstones set aside to sediments
Who will salivate this mankind?

The sun is overhead who will knock the door?
The sediments of the age are watching the game
The control of the sediments is out of age
Sediments are looking for the light.

Luminance covers darkness
Powerstones are bending
The darkness of sediments in the battle is resolution of backward
Powerstones are on the side of darkness
watching the sediments ‘image
Powerstones are to engulf the sediments.

Timeless comes over lightness
White brain has sprawl the light
Thunderstorm also to unlock the darkness
Water waters the new plant.
In schools, colleges and university
But still own a big company and industry
How many educated man are now employed?
Conditioned by uneducated in these company.

Success in mankind's life doesn't depend on education only
But also depends on many other aspect apart from education
Therefore what should we do to move out of these plights?
We've to be self esteemed and use our innate.

Inborn is to mark the hurdles we are on
How many ladies and gentlemen have this idea?
Many of them are too busy fighting for man need
God is pointed out to root out untidiness
Do we remember the Eden Garden?

BySirLalianMwittah Nyalali

by SirLalianMwittah Nyalali

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