The Poem Of Love

Poem By Breanna Tilly

Love, By Breanna M Tilly
Love feels like a waterfall
I love waterfalls lol
I love the feel of rain
dripping on my skin
it eases all my pain
I love the feel of sunshine
beating down on my neck
i feel stress free when i am on my deck
Love is stong and will never ease
it helps me when i am teased

Comments about The Poem Of Love

OMG i just cant get enough of this poem! ! ! ! ! ! ARRRGGGHHH like u know it is like totally rad! ! ! ! ! ! omg like Breanna Tilly u r my hero, i am like ur number 1 fan. OMG check out my myspace Breanna Tilly number 1 Peace out Love YA!
O M G im like back again! Woah i like totally have like the same name as you like how awesome!
O M G your poem is like soo cool like omg i never knew you like right like that like your thoughts are like so deep about like love and stuff like that. well like i would really like to like meet you like one day like. You have like really inspired me and like i know all these different like meanings of like love now. Wow you're like sooo totally awesome!
I thought my poem was great! my friends think i am the coolest thing going around at school! all these boys are talking to me now asking me if i can write them a poem. I am thinking about becoming a famous poet in the future

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