NL (2006 / )

The Poem Of Unrequited Love..With A Twist

The love you speak of
is mesmerizing.
You speak of acacias
and of the happy childhood
memories they bring you.
You compare me to those acacias
although by the time I met you
childhood was far gone.
You speak of their lovely scent on the breeze
and it fills your heart with such
longing and love
that I see tears come to your eyes.
You tell me that you no longer
have to see acacias for them to
bring you happiness.
You are happy simply because they are.
You tell me this is how you feel about me.
I am very quiet.
part of me optimistic; trying to soak in
and feel the love you are telling me-
part of me is pessimistic, in mourning-
knowing that i will never be able to feel this love.

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