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The Poem That Rhymes With Me
SC (25.03.1991 / reigate, surrey, england)

The Poem That Rhymes With Me

Poem By sal carter

o why o why o why,
i really want to die,
im gonna try to fly
to fly into the sky
to fly so high so high
i fell into a pie
o my o my o my
it makes me want to cry
as in this pie I lie
o why o why o why
o god hate this guy
he threw me in the pie
i think his name is kaj
i watch these cows go by
there are many rhymes for i
o yes there are oh my
sty also rhymes with i
i think im gonna try
to get out of this pie
but dam, i am too shy
this pie is getting dry
i think my death is nigh
o why o why o why
do i only rhyme with i
“o my o my” sigh
im bored of writing i
i think that i’ll write oo
that doesn’t rhyme with i
o dear o dear cry
ill have to say good bye

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Comments (1)

Sal, I just want to comment on this one piece as it does stand out. At first glance you seem to be taking the piss (I hope you will overlook my courseness) but I think you have really hit something here. You seem to have created a critique of poetry (bad poetry I might add) by using its methodology. I can only assume that you wrote this in a very infantile way to make a point because your other pieces do no betray a lack of familiarity with poetry or an inability to express yourself through this medium. It is not so much the poem that is great (It isn't, and I think you deliberately made it so): it is the intent regards Denis Joe