The Poemhunter Convention Makes Me Nervous!

A convention of Poemhunters
sounds very interesting
to me!
Aren't most poets introverts?
Will we find the silence deafening?
Those who feel comfortable
behind the security
of a computer screen
may find an in-your-face gathering
I'm not very outgoing
in crowds.
Will it be uncomfortable
to meet the people
who have seen my soul
Not only have they heard about
my demons...
they've been introduced to them.
What if they've made friends
with those demons?
Would I know?

Would I even have the courage
to step out
from behind the screen?
If not, I would miss out on meeting
some of the most precious people
I've ever known.

Am I the only one
that feels ''nervous'' at the thought
of standing in front of
of those eyes
that have seen more weakness
from me than strength?
I'm afraid I would have to fight back
tears....but, would they be of joy?
of sadness?
of shame?

by Mary Nagy

Comments (10)

This is great Mary. I thought that the internet would create a culture of introspection and Isolation; no more so than real life I guess. This is such a wonderful write and I would certainly love to see and hear you reciting it.
uncomfortable with 'those who have seen my soul naked.' I really like that one, Mary, and have thought how much of ourselves we DO EXPOSE here...Scarlett
Mary this is a brilliant write, I enjoyed every word, and I know just what you mean, it could be a horrendous experience, or a lovely pleasurable meeting, but it's the finding out, isn't it. Shudder! ! ! ! ! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Mary, you are so loved by this group as a whole...that you have no need for trepidation of any kind. Go, if this really happens, and God bless. Raynette
I hate to find myself in a mirror, let alone meet anyone.
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