He Needs Me I Cant Leave. He Loves Me! I Know He Do. You WıLl See

Why should i give my love to someone who
puts black bruises all on me
to tell me that love me?

You Love me? My crying out to you to stop
doesn't mean shit to i see. telling me I NEED YOU.wen all
along i thought YOU NEEDED ME!
Why should work nights for YOU?

laying up with people for YOU!
But i see you don't get it... baby I'm duin all this for YOU
So you can love huh
but you cant love ME.

so you beat me every nite to tell me your reasons WHY NOT ME
and i always wake up every morning to your reason all over
my face.

And i always tell myself HE NEEDS ME I CANT LEAVE.

by Sabrina Fuller

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This is great Mary. I thought that the internet would create a culture of introspection and Isolation; no more so than real life I guess. This is such a wonderful write and I would certainly love to see and hear you reciting it.
uncomfortable with 'those who have seen my soul naked.' I really like that one, Mary, and have thought how much of ourselves we DO EXPOSE here...Scarlett
Mary this is a brilliant write, I enjoyed every word, and I know just what you mean, it could be a horrendous experience, or a lovely pleasurable meeting, but it's the finding out, isn't it. Shudder! ! ! ! ! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Mary, you are so loved by this group as a whole...that you have no need for trepidation of any kind. Go, if this really happens, and God bless. Raynette
I hate to find myself in a mirror, let alone meet anyone.
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